The Hidden Costs of Energy Waste: Businesses Leaving Lights On After Closing

In the modern era, where environmental sustainability is at the forefront of global concerns, businesses play a crucial role in contributing to a greener future. However, one common but often overlooked issue is the unnecessary waste of energy caused by keeping lights on after closing hours. This practice not only harms the environment but also … Read more

Recycling and Reusing: Unraveling the Psychology Behind Environmental Decisions

Reduce, reuse and recycle The “reduce, reuse, and recycle” hierarchy is a guiding principle for sustainable waste management. Ideally, emphasis should be placed on reducing consumption first, followed by reusing items, and finally, recycling when other options are not viable in order to build a Better Green Future. However, the popularity and emphasis on these … Read more

The Dark Side of Plastic Bag Bans: Reusable Bag Shortcomings

Today Better Green Future looks into the recent global movement to ban plastic bags, driven by environmental concerns. However, a closer look at the consequences of such bans reveals an unexpected downside. Despite the well-intentioned push towards reusable bags as alternatives, the reality is that people often fail to utilize them as intended. This raises … Read more

The Hidden Impact: Unveiling the Carbon Footprint of “Green” Products

Are we really going green? It is not as straight forward as it seems In our collective quest for a sustainable future, “green” products have become increasingly popular. However, the irony lies in the fact that some of these seemingly eco-friendly items may contribute more to environmental degradation than meets the eye. The concept of … Read more